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What To Do If You Need A Guaranteed Texas Holdem Poker Guide To Teach You The Game Of Holdem

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If you're frustrated with your current learning curve of Holdem, super-charge your results with this Texas Holdem Poker Guide that guarantees you know everything you need.

The past few years have seen a boom on poker players, especially those who play Texas Holdem situs casino.

This game is a number of reasons for poker players among fast gaining preference; For one thing, a talented player has a better advantage. Luck is not winning dictates here.

Another reason is that Poker is very dynamic. Your strategy varies from game to game because it depends on the card you have and the table you are in.

Texas Holdem Poker Guide - Playing the Game

The player's objective in this game is to combine cards (hole and community) to form an invincible poker hand. A strong poker hand may consist of one or both hole cards with some of the community cards or may just be community cards.

Of course, the chances of other players spotting the same card combination may be the case in which the pot is split.

Unlike any other card game, poker is considered less expensive than you are playing against others and not the house. Casinos will charge a small percentage but for the game. (This is called the 'rake'.)

Texas Holdem Poker Guide - Basic Hands

Poker hands come in 10 different varieties. The list enumerates each one, giving each hand a basic description of the cards it is comprised of. These hands are arranged from the strongest to the least winnable with the card below succumbing to the one above it.

Royal Flush - The Unbeatable combination. This hand is one of the rare and stunning combinations of good luck. It is a combination of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten in the same suit.

Straight flush - are the same suit of five cards, arranged in a sequence. A Royal Flush is actually a straight flush of a kind.

Four Of A Kind - There are four cards of the same rank plus a kicker or side card

Full House - are two sets of cards. The first is a set of three of the same rank and the next is a pair of which is also the same rank

Flush - are five cards in the same suit that come in no particular sequence

Straight - There are five cards in a sequence that may be composed of different suits

A Kind of Three - Three cards of the same rank plus two kickers

Two Pair - As The Name Says: Two pairs of the same rank and one kicker

One Pair - The same rank and three kickers as one pair

High Card - cards that do not go above any of the categories.

Texas Holdem Poker Guide - Game Sequence

Posting the Blinds - These pertains to two players being placed on the leftmost dealer. The player is seated to the dealer's side of the big blind; The one that takes him to the next is the big blind which is half the amount of the big blind

Hole Cards - These are cards that are dealt to ever player. They come in twos and must be dealt face down always. Should this not happen, a player can call a misdeal which will result in the cards being recalled and reshuffled and eventually dealt to the players again.

Pre Flop Betting - This is the first round of betting. Players have the option to raise (increase betting amount), call (match an opponent's raise) or fold (quit the game).

Burn Cards - These are the cards that are taken out of the game after each betting round and before the community cards are drawn. This is done to prevent cheating.

The Flop - The first three community cards. These must be dealt face up and placed in plain sight on the center of the board.

Second Betting - This comes after the flop but before the burn card and the fourth community card.

The Turn - Burn cards are every betting round after discarding. After this is done, the fourth community card is drawn.

Third Betting - This is the third community betting deal to be the last community card

After the River - a final burn card, this last community card is drawn

The Showdown - This is where all the players have folded their hands and the winner of the game and of course, the pot.

Now that the basics are explained, one more thing needs to be discussed: the button. The button is the dealer who is used to identify. This is important to the game because it decides the sequence of play as well as the big and small blinds.

This Texas Holdem Poker Guide has all the important points of poker and the rules, how to play, hand rankings, etc. It is all you need to go and play Holdem.

Do You Want To Learn More Texas Holdem Poker Guide.